Acrylic Painting Supply List

This webpage is a supplement to the supply list for Acrylic Painting, a class I am offering through UT.  You can download the full list, or register for the class here

Painting supplies can be a little intimidating.  Brushes are perhaps the most confusing.  To help, here are some basics.  To demonstrate, here is a photo of a few of my brushes…

Austin Art Classes Acrylic Brushes 01 1024x768 Acrylic Painting Supply List


Look at those guys.  Looking good.  Except the third brush from the left, who needs some brush soap.

Notice the shape of these brushes.  Flats are sharp cornered, squared brushes.  A brush stroke made with a flat will have a sharp, hard edge.  Brights are the shorter cousin of flats, and therefore have a little more spring.  If counting from left to right, 1 and 2 are both brights.

Austin Art Classes Flats 1024x557 Acrylic Painting Supply List

With brights, you can really use the tops and sides to make very  sharp strokes.


Austin Art Classes Filbert Acrylic Painting Supply List
A filbert, on the other hand, doesn’t have an abrupt beginning, and therefore is a little more natural. Again, in the line up of brushes above, from left to right, 3 and 4 are filberts.

Austin Art Classes Round 1024x587 Acrylic Painting Supply List There are also round brushes, for a completely different line character, and for a very natural shape.

I like to get brushes in pairs.  Both being the same size, but of different body types.  I use one for darks, and one for lights.

Don’t be afraid of big brushes.  I know it might feel a little clumsy at first, but you’ll get more comfortable. It is good practice to train yourself to grab the biggest brush possible.