WWII Art / Thumbnail Process


Austin Art lushLife Thumbs 1024x768 WWII Art / Thumbnail ProcessWWII Art / Thumbnail Process

I’ve been working on some thumbnails for a personal project I’m pretty excited about.

Lush Life is the story of two old friends.  As young men, they served as ambulance drivers in WWII.  Stranded, wounded, freezing, and lost in the woods. they witnessed something miraculous.  Unable to agree on what they saw, this event would come to shape their lives for decades after the war.  Now, as their lives come to an end, can they make peace with what they saw and who they became?

Working out ideas in a sketchbook is a blast.  In the beginning, I work in a method almost like pointillism.  Putting a dot where a compositional element might land, and slowly building up from there.  I use a lot of white out so I can “erase” back to white, or add highlights.

pointillism WWII Art / Thumbnail Process

Something is happening here.  Really.  I Promise.

Next up, underpainting.