UT Informal Classes

UT Informal Classes start their fall line up of classes next week.

Offered through Continuing Education will be:

Acrylic Painting

Figure Invention

Oil Portraiture Fundamentals

Each of the three classes has a Sept/October session, and a October/November session.  To enroll is simple. From the Continuing Education website, just select Our Classes, and then Creative Life.  For a class that has full enrollment, there are also waiting lists.  The University of Texas, Continuing Education Department website can be found here.

UT Informal Classes Oil Portraiture 1024x768 UT Informal Classes

UT Informal Classes. Oil Portrait Fundamentals
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UT Informal Classes- Oil Portraiture Fundamentals

Oil Portraiture Fundamentals

Learn to capture a likeness, and control oil paints, both in the same class.  Working from a model, you will use basic frames and forms, to draw and complete a portrait in each class.  You will gain new insight into light and shadow.  Finally, by limiting colors, you will learn the basics of capturing realistic skin tones.