UT Informal Classes

UT Informal Classes start their fall line up of classes next week.

Offered through Continuing Education will be:

Acrylic Painting

Figure Invention

Oil Portraiture Fundamentals

Each of the three classes has a Sept/October session, and a October/November session.  To enroll is simple. From the Continuing Education website, just select Our Classes, and then Creative Life.  For a class that has full enrollment, there are also waiting lists.  The University of Texas, Continuing Education Department website can be found here.

UT Informal Classes Oil Portraiture 1024x768 UT Informal Classes

UT Informal Classes. Oil Portrait Fundamentals
Copyright Michael Ziemba.com (2012)

UT Informal Classes- Oil Portraiture Fundamentals

Oil Portraiture Fundamentals

Learn to capture a likeness, and control oil paints, both in the same class.  Working from a model, you will use basic frames and forms, to draw and complete a portrait in each class.  You will gain new insight into light and shadow.  Finally, by limiting colors, you will learn the basics of capturing realistic skin tones.


Another Bullet Dodged- SXSW (2012)- Movie Poster

WEB AnotherBD V Big PosterFIN 691x1024 Another Bullet Dodged  SXSW (2012)  Movie Poster

Another Bullet Dodged- SXSW
Copyright michaelziemba.com 2012

 Another Bullet Dodged- SXSW (2012)


SXSW time is here again in Austin.  It’s always a blast.  See good friends, see good movies.  Plus March is the most beautiful time to be in Austin.

I was hired to make this poster by director Landon Zakheim. He described it as :

‘The story of a wolf in sheep’s clothing who thinks he is a sheep.’ A film about romance, selfishness, offspring, and dry cleaning.”   It stars Anthony Deptula (‘One Too Many Mornings’, Official Selection Sundance 2010) and Jennifer Landon (winner of three Daytime Emmys on ‘As The World Turns’).

The film was made due, in large part, to a successful kickstarter campaign, which is very cool in of itself.

The poster was created as a photoshop painting over a scanned texture. The top image, the wolf and sheep, was for the kickstarter campaign.  Later, after the film was shot, I painted the second image from a still in the film.   This was to be a possible poster image, as a standalone image,  but the director asked to combine the two for the final poster.

The poster was a part of the SXSW poster show, and it was cool to see it printed in a large format.

More can be seen about this movie on IMDB, and the trailer can be viewed on the SXSW’s Schedule Page, or YouTube.  South by South West takes over the city starting tomorrow, March 9th.